The architectural interest and character of Mayfair will be celebrated by sensitive adaptation of historic buildings to enrich the conservation area


Retaining, restoring and adapting the buildings

The architectural variety and significance of Mayfair would be celebrated by sensitive adaptation of historic buildings to enrich the conservation area as shown on this plan.




Please note that Grays Antiques is not part of our proposals, so neither the building or its use will be changed as part of the application.

Sensitively designed buildings

This plan shows the number of storeys and heights of the proposed new buildings in metres and those in the surrounding area. The building heights step down towards the edges of the site, in response to the scale and character of the immediate context and to minimise the visual impact of the new buildings.



Model of the proposals

We have produced a model to show you the aerial view of the proposals and surrounding buildings.

Click here to view the model.


More sustainable buildings that help to tackle the climate emergency

  • icon-climate-01-01.png

    New buildings that produce 37% less carbon than a building built to current UK standards.

  • icon-climate-02-01.png

    Water efficient design that stores rainwater for re-use to reduce pressure on local draining systems.

  • icon-climate-03-01.png

    Existing buildings would be thermally insulated where possible and fitted with new high efficiency lighting, heating and ventilation systems.

  • icon-climate-04-01.png

    Low energy features to cool and ventilate the buildings where possible.

  • icon-climate-05-01.png

    Embodied carbon minimised through use of low impact construction materials and circular economy approach i.e. how those materials may be reused within their lifetime to minimise environmental impact.